the kitchen shelf

About 2 weeks ago we recieved and amazing gift from my mother- A brand new Cuisine Art pot set. Not only was it a life saver because our pots were chipping and as my sister calls them “wobbly” : ) As I am unpacking this set I am literally finding them so beautiful I don’t want to put them in the cabinets- pots this beautiful shouldn’t be hidden. So, I came up with a plan.

I drew my idea out and showed the hubbers. He was totally on board. Unfortunately the day I drew this I was on day 1 of a 6 day flu. Once I finally pulled myself together and made it to the hardware store.  My total cost was about $35.00!!!

-Shelf Brackets- $8.29/each = $16.58
-1 1X12 8′ board-$10.45 (i had them cut it down to 4′)
-Pecan Stain – $4.29
-Hooks -$3.47


Here is my idea sketch & final product! I think we “nailed it” (pun intended)


The process of making this was pretty simple. I started off staining my wood piece. While I let that set, I started painting the brackets. They were originally white, I really wanted some contrast on the wall so I painted them Red Oxide, or a burnt orange color. To get a worn out look that I wanted I took sandpaper to the edges and just roughed them up a little.
For the hooks I just purchase “mug hooks” – I actually had to go to walmart for these. The hardware store only had hooks that had about an inch space between the hook and the screw, it would have made the pots hang really low. My husband did all the math and we hung them center and evenly spaced between the brackets. I was very thankful for him because I do not have the patience for measuring and counting stuff like this, I’m so glad he does.
AND now for my favorite part of this process. We are hanging the shelf and my husband says I wonder if I have that level…as I am standing on a chair holding up the shelf (which isn’t light btw) I sacrcasticly say ” I bet there is an app for that…”   AND THERE IS! ihandy level saved the day! My husband and I are avid mac users and HUGE iphone fans, so what better way to solve our problems then with our iphones!

So it is all done! I am IN love with it! What is really exciting is that we get the paint next week for the wall with spoon and fork on it to match the brackets on the shelf! It will look so awesome to have that color contrast & I just love have and accent wall!  A special thanks goes out to my amazing husband who helped me so much with this shelf & is so supportive of my crazy ideas of decorating our home. I love you my dear- forever.

One of my new favorite things is decorating my home & making it a place that feels just right. I love the moments I get to have in this place. If my walls could talk I hope they would speak of love, laughter, and good food.


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